Tar Heel Beginnings Board


Tar Heel Beginnings (THB) Board

The Tar Heel Beginnings (THB) Board is a committee of twelve diverse and dynamic student leaders: 2 THB Co-Chairs and ten Board Members. The primary role of the THB Co-Chairs and Board Members is to make students’ first year at Carolina engaging and meaningful through Weeks of Welcome (WOW) and Tar Heel Beginnings Events. THB meets weekly to plan events and activities that foster first-year and transfer student success and sense of belonging at Carolina.

Why we do what we do:

We believe each student belongs in our community & feeling like they belong positively impacts their being at Carolina. 

How we do what we do:

We plan student programs with campus partners, student orgs, and New Student & Family Programs, and run a training program for THB Board Members to prepare them for their roles and future endeavors.

What we do:

We offer events, activities, and opportunities of all kinds during Weeks of Welcome (WOW) in August and throughout the Fall Semester through THB Events. Our programs are geared toward new students (both first-year and transfer students), but are open to the entire Carolina community. 


Want to join the THB Board? We want you to apply! Be sure to fill out the application!