Carolina Launches Heels Care Network

New website to serve as central hub for mental health and well-being resources for campus community.  On Feb. 9, 2022, UNC-Chapel Hill launched the Heels Care Network website at, which Chancellor Kevin M. Guskiewicz first announced was in development in October 2021. The website will serve as a hub for mental health and well-being resources available […]

Six Steps to Help You and Your College Student Proactively Address Your Worries

by Vicki Nelson In our last post we shared some of the information gathered in the latest parental survey conducted by the College Parents of America organization. Among the statistics gathered as part of this survey, nearly 24% of parents expressed concern that their student will be successful in college and will complete their degree on time. That’s […]

How to Help Your Student Balance Work and School

Once your college student settles into their new life at school, they might be thinking about finding a part-time job to make some extra money.

Over 70% of college students work a job while in school. Some do it to have extra spending money, while others do it to save up for a trip or a car.

There are also many students who keep a job as a way to pay for college and to try to keep their student debt as low as possible. And of course, there are some students who have no choice but to work to support themselves while in school.

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