Weeks of Welcome (WOW)

Welcome to Weeks of Welcome (WOW) 2021!

We're excited to welcome new and returning Tar Heels to our community! In August 2021, we'll be starting the year off safely and excitingly with over two weeks of programs, events, and special opportunities all geared to welcome you to UNC, help you learn about your new home, and get you connected to other new students!

Students and Families - we look forward to launching the WOW schedule during summer 2021. To stay in the loop on all things WOW, check out your options below:

  • Email us at thb@unc.edu, or join our listserv to get announcements about schedules and new opportunities by clicking here.
  • Follow us on Instagram @thb_unc (at T H B underscore U N C).

Student Organizations & Campus and Community Partners - we have launched our event submission process for WOW 2021. Please review our WOW 2021 Event Submission Manual for full details and tips.

In the meantime, you can view a selection of opportunities and events in Heel Life, where the WOW schedule will be held once launched, to start learning about the site and how it can really boost your connect and involvement with campus.