Students at Orientation

First-Year Student FAQs for Orientation


Below are commonly asked questions about First-Year Student & Family Orientation. For any additional questions please contact our office, New Student & Family Programs by email:


Q: Why are there fees for Orientation?

New Student & Family Programs does not receive funds from the State or UNC-Chapel Hill. Orientation operates on a self-sustained budget and must cover all related expenses for each participant. The 2021 virtual remote orientation fees cover technology platforms, IT support, staffing & digital publication costs.

The first-year student fee for the in-person program is traditionally a higher rate. When the decision was made to move to a virtual program, we removed the costs we would not be incurring, which allowed us to lower the cost to $140. This new rate backs out all overnight housing, meals, parking, shuttles, space rental, etc. We followed the same process to lower family/guest fees proportionally.

Q: Why do I have to pay a late/change fee?

To ensure a smooth program, participation numbers are confirmed with advising and campus partners well-in advance of the program and changing the guarantee numbers can impact program fees. 

Q: Why are there no refunds within 10 business days of the program?

In order to ensure a smooth program, participation numbers are confirmed with advising and campus partners well-in advance of the program and changing the guarantee numbers can impact program fees. If your initial guest is no longer able to attend Orientation, please inform NSFP and we are happy to update the reservation with a different guest name to attend in the initial guest’s place.

Q: I am a confirmed Covenant Scholar.  How do I complete my Orientation reservations?

All Covenant Scholars are waived the following fees: a student reservation and ONE guest reservation. If you have already paid these fees, please email and request a refund of these applicable fees. 

Q: How can I pay my balance for Orientation?

Whether you are making the initial payment or paying for changes you have requested, you may do so via Visa or MasterCard.  To make the payment on-line via Visa or MasterCard, please log in to your Orientation reservation at, log-in with your ONYEN and Password, and click through to click on the Pay My Balance button.  Please do not send credit card information via email, on-line chat, or over the phone; you may only make payment online. 

Due to COVID-19, our office is working remotely, and cannot currently accept payment by check or money order. Please email us at if this presents an issue.


Q: Is Orientation mandatory?  Do I have to attend all sessions of the program?

Yes, Orientation is required for all new first-year students. All components of the orientation program are required. First-year students attend a 2-day remote virtual program. Participants should not plan for outside activities during the program (such as meeting a friend for lunch, dinner, team practice, etc.) Orientation activities such as small groups, Academic Advising, etc. are not able to be requested, switched or rescheduled.

Q: Is Orientation mandatory for Parents/Family?

While Family Orientation is optional, all new parents and families are invited and strongly encouraged to attend Family Orientation. This will also be a virtual, remote program with some sessions that will be attended with your student and others that are solely for guests over the 2 days. Guests will hear from numerous faculty, university administrators, and deans about how to partner with the University to support students toward graduation. We welcome and encourage family members and guests to attend Orientation virtually and learn about how to get involved as a Carolina family member and maximize the Carolina experience.

Q: How long is Orientation?

First-year students attend a 2-day program and should plan to be online with orientation from 9:00 a.m. ET through 8:00 p.m. ET on Day 1 and from 9:00 a.m. through 2:45 p.m. ET on Day 2. Orientation activities such as small groups, Academic Advising, etc. are not able to be requested, switched or rescheduled.

Q: Is it better to attend Orientation earlier in the summer?

Students should select the Orientation program that works best for their travel schedule. While assigned course registration dates are based on which Orientation session you attend, Academic Advising and the Office of the Registrar work with academic departments to equally release seats in academic courses throughout all registration periods. There is no advantage to students attending Orientation in June compared to July.

Q: I’m an Honors Carolina Student. Do I have to attend the Honors Carolina Orientation Session?

All Honors Carolina students are strongly encouraged to complete a reservation for the Honors Carolina Orientation session on June 30 – July 1, 2021, where special presentations regarding opportunities available to Honors Carolina students will be offered. Attendees at this session will enjoy their first chance to forge new friendships with other Honors Carolina participants who share their passion for academic pursuit and intellectual curiosity. If a scheduling conflict prevents you from attending the Honors Carolina Orientation session, you are welcome to make a reservation for a different first-year Orientation session.


Q: I have limited access to the Internet and/or a computer. How can I attend my remote virtual session?

If a student or guest has limited access to a computer or connectivity issues that prevent them from attending a June or July 2021 session, please contact New Student & Family Programs for guidance by email at

Q: My guest (or student) requires accessibility resources/services.  How can I request those?

If a student or guest require accessibility services such as a sign language interpreter or additional resources please be sure to indicate the needs in the appropriate fields during the Orientation reservation application. Any accommodation requests for New Student Orientation need to be received at least 10 business days prior to the session. Students wishing to identify with Accessibility Resources & Services may also do so at


Q: What if I do not have all my scores and transcripts by the time I attend Orientation?

All students will complete an online academic advising module prior to attending Orientation. The module will provide insight about the Carolina curriculum and planning your coursework. During your Orientation session, you will meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss your academic plan. Your advisor will talk with you about the placement exams that you took and your anticipated scores. If you have received your scores, or if you have completed courses at any other colleges or universities, please have copies of your transcripts available.

Q:  How can I order and receive my CCI computer?

 All students can order their computer from the CCI program at CCI will be able to ship the computers to you after you place your order. If you would prefer to schedule a pickup for the computer, please email and they can schedule a pick-up time for you. Additionally, please contact with any questions.