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Transfer Student Organizations

You can take advantage of student groups designed specifically for transfer students - such as the Tar Heel Transfer student organization and the Tau Sigma National Honor Society. Look below for a description of these organizations.

Tar Heel Transfers

Tar Heel Transfers (THT) is Carolina's only student-led social organization for our diverse population of over 2,000 transfer students. THT seeks to provide a welcoming environment for incoming transfer students as well as social, developmental, and charitable events for transfers at every class level.


Tau Sigma National Honor Society

Tau Sigma National Honor Society (UNC Chapter) was founded to recognize high academic achievement among transfer students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Tau Sigma improves the reputation and camaraderie among transfer students via service, social events, and special scholastic recognition. High academic achievement, as defined in the National Chapter's Constitution, is earning a 3.5 grade point average (or better) in the first semester at a student's at UNC.


Transfer United Residential Learning Program

Transfer United (TU) is a collaborative effort designed to promote a seamless transition for junior transfer students to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. By encouraging success in academics, wellness and engagement, the program will help you establish a connection with the University and prepare you to persist through to graduation.

Find a Student Organization

Carolina offers over 700 officially recognized student organizations from academic/pre-professional, cultural, media, performance, public service, special interest, sports and recreation, and several other categories. There are organizations for diverse interests. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, there is an opportunity to start an organization.

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