Students at Orientation

Zoom Assistance

Prepare for Your Zoom Session


Testing and Using Zoom

Your orientation session will be hosted on Zoom. Students, to ensure your attendance is recorded properly, please attend all joint sessions and student-only sessions by using your UNC Zoom Account that is tied to your ONYEN (

New Student and Family Programs will email you Zoom links a few days before your session so you can access the webinars and meetings that will take place. (For students this email will come directly from your designated Orientation Leader, for parents and families this email will come directly from our NSFP email.)

Plan to Engage

To make the most of your orientation session, limit distractions during presentations as much as possible. Be ready to ask questions via the Q&A or chat features on Zoom. (Note: Anonymous features have been disabled)

There will be times during your small group meetings or day 2 presentations when we will ask you to participate using an audio/video connection if you are able. 

Signing into Zoom

Students will sign into their UNC Zoom account by entering their university account credentials (i.e., ONYEN and password). Students must use their university account to participate in the program.

If you’ve forgotten your password, visit the UNC Password Reset website for assistance.

For further assistance or help with continued login issues, contact the UNC Help Service Portal at 919.962.HELP (4357) or

Family members may use their personal Zoom accounts to access the meetings; however, a family member is not required to create a Zoom account for this purpose if they prefer not to.

Joining a Zoom Meeting

To access the Zoom meetings using a computer, you have two options:

Click on the provided link and choose to continue with Zoom in a web browser or by using the Zoom application when prompted.

Visit the UNC Zoom website and click “Join” (does not require a login). Enter the meeting ID provided to you or simply click the Zoom link provided that corresponds with your session. When prompted, select “Continue with Zoom in a browser.”

To access the Zoom meetings using a telephone, follow these steps:

On your phone, dial the teleconferencing phone number provided to you a few days prior to the meeting.

When prompted, use your keypad to enter the meeting ID number.

Before your meeting, you can also join a test meeting to familiarize yourself with the Zoom platform.


Using Mic or Video Functions

All large group Zoom presentations will occur using Zoom Webinar, which will not require you to use a mic or video. Instead there will be a Q&A box where you can ask any questions you have.

The small group live components of orientation will give you the opportunity to use video and mic, but those capabilities are not required for participation.

If you do not have a microphone through your computer, you can access the Zoom meeting visually via your computer, and you can use a landline or smartphone to call into the same meeting so you can hear the audio feed. If you need the phone number for any Orientation Zoom meeting, please visit the Orientation Help Desk during Orientation hours at This two-pronged approach will allow you to see the visuals presented during the sessions while hearing the audio of the meeting simultaneously.

If you do not have a webcam through your computer, you will still be able to participate in Zoom meetings through the speaker and chat functions. Alternately, if you have a smartphone or tablet and are able to download the Zoom mobile app from your app store, you may participate visually that way.

Creating a Virtual Background

New Student and Family Programs realizes that not everyone is comfortable showing their homes via video while on Zoom. Displaying your room on camera is not required to participate in the orientation programs.

You can display a virtual background while using the Zoom platform. To learn how, review Zoom’s instructions for enabling a virtual background during a meeting.

Having trouble with virtual backgrounds? Visit the Zoom website and scroll to the bottom to find potential solutions.


Need Further Zoom Assistance?

For further assistance using Zoom, we recommend visiting the Zoom Video Tutorials website. This site provides video overviews of the various functions of Zoom, such as: