Mission & Values

Mission Statement

The mission of New Student & Family Programs is to provide new undergraduate students the information and activities needed to transition smoothly to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and to promote an on-going relationship between the families of all current Carolina undergraduate students and the University in support of their students’ success at Carolina.

Core Values

Learning: Facilitate the student academic experience
Student Success: Provide support through transitions
Inclusivity: Cultivate an inclusive campus community
Collaboration: Foster community connections with internal and external partners
Communication: Communicate expectations, services, and resources
Leadership: Promote leadership and engagement opportunities

Departmental Goals

  • Provide high-quality orientation and transition programming and services to students and family members of all Carolina undergraduates.
  • Provide timely, relevant communications regarding expectations, resources, and services available to students and family members during their years at Carolina.
  • Foster an inclusive and collaborative environment by working with campus partners to ensure that our programs, leadership opportunities, and services serve all Carolina students and families.
  • Provide leadership and service opportunities for students and family members through student employment opportunities and family volunteer positions.
  • Utilize relevant theory, research, and data to improve current and develop additional programs and services.
  • Foster personal development and career advancement of NSFP staff through professional development and training opportunities.
  • Efficiently manage financial and human resources in compliance with University policies.
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