Carolina Parents Council Endowment

Carolina Parents Council Endowment

The Endowment Story

In 2016 the Carolina Parents Council had completed a benchmarking project, taking stock of its current status and then determining recommendations for its next stage of growth and development. Three recommendations were created, one of which was to explore alternative ways to fund the Parents Council Grants Program and Council operations, including the possibility of an endowment.

An endowment would serve as a strategy for accomplishing several goals. One such critical goal is to build the endowment to stabilize the Grants Program funding in perpetuity, no matter the membership numbers in a given year. The Grants Program has been serving UNC and helping meet its needs since 1985. You can learn more about the Grants Program at the history page here.

A mini campaign was started to build interest in this Endowment and drive leadership gifts to meet an initial goal of $250,000 by May 26, 2017. Families contributing to the mini campaign by May 26, 2017 are recognized by Student Affairs as Charter Members of the Parents Council Endowment Fund.


Contribute to the Endowment

The mini-campaign met the initial $250,000 goal, but that is just a start. The endowment will need to grow to be able to eventually cover the Grants Program awards that are allocated each year to support programs and initiatives that enhance UNC-Chapel Hill and meet the needs of Carolina students.

You can provide your gift by clicking the link below. On that website, find Parents Council Quasi-endowment Fund (602412) inthe drop-down box to make your contribution or pledge.

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Charter Members

The list below reflects the Parents Council Endowment Charter Member donor roll - families who provided a leadership gift by May 26, 2017. These families were recognized by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at the Carolina Inn on February 23, 2018 for meeting the $250,000 initial goal. 

Cornerstone Society: $25,000+

  • Karen & Donald Goldberg P'18
  • Hayman & Jarrell Family P'15, P'19
  • Sandra & Garland Homes P'19
  • Sheila & Gary Hrdlicka P'98
  • Shawna & Brian Lemon P'17
  • Sara & Andrew May P'18, P'21

Benefactor: $10,000 - $24,999

  • Mary Grady & Victor Bell P'18
  • Susan & Ted Johnson P'18
  • Kathy & Alan Swendiman P'08

Benefactor: $5,000 - $9,999

  • Kimberly & Robert Gay P'19
  • Kelley & Bob Germaine P'06, P'07
  • Amy & Bill Koman P'20
  • Mitzi & Ron Lumbra P'17
  • Anne & Stephen Schmitt P'19
  • Ann & Ronald Wooten P'07, P'09, P'15

Benefactor: $2,000 - $4,999

  • Marlene & Ronald Batchelor P'09, P'17
  • Mary & Ward Blalock P'13, P'16
  • Candace & Peter Caprise P'20
  • Steve Dibert P'20
  • Genevia & Edward Fulbright P'17
  • Mary & Stephen Holmes P'18, P'19
  • Betsy & Dick Parkhurst P'17, P'20
  • Caroline Wang P'20
  • Leslie & John Yerger P'20

Contributor: Gifts Up to $1,999

  • Gay & James Aridas P'06
  • Laura & Harold Beaty P'17
  • Elizabeth & Martin Borden P'16, P'17, P'19
  • Sarah & Jerrel Cobb P'13, P'17
  • Linda Douglas P'16
  • Martha & Eric Evans P'16, P'18
  • Diane & Daryl Evans P'12
  • Teresa & George Griffin P'15
  • Fay Cobb & Gerald Payton P'20
  • Eileen & Miles Penland P'19
  • Stephanie & Kenan Poole P'20
  • Maggie & Dan Singletary P'19