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First-Year Student FAQs

I forgot what my Personal ID number (PID) is. How do I request my PID?

You can request your PID online at by entering your social security number and birth date. Visit the PID Office site.

Can I have the course catalog/Undergraduate Bulletin for next fall mailed to me?

Course catalogs are not mailed. All new students will receive a printed copy of the Undergraduate Bulletin at Orientation. Additionally, the listing of classes each semester is called the Directory of Classes and it is available online.  

Where should my high school mail my final transcript?

All enrolled new students should send their final transcript to the Office of Undergraduate at Admissions by July 10. If you've completed courses at a college that you wish to receive transfer credit for, arrange to have an official transcript sent from that institution too.

Office of Undergraduate Admissions 
Jackson Hall, CB #2200, 
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-2200

Where can I find out how many credit hours a new student will receive for AP/Honors classes taken in high school?

You can find that information for AP and IB Placement on the Undergraduate Admissions website here.

Where do I send Advanced Placement scores?

Office of Undergraduate Admissions 
Jackson Hall, CB #2200 
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-2200 

Do I need to take the SAT Subject Test, Math 2 for placement before I enroll?

For more information about Math Placement, please visit the math placement website.

Do I have to have a computer?

All first year undergraduate and transfer students are part of the Carolina Computing Initiative (CCI), which requires students to own a laptop computer.  In the spring, you'll receive a mailing about this requirement, along with an order form for a CCI computer.  Laptop distribution and configuration occurs during summer orientation for students electing to purchase a laptop through the CCI program.

More information regarding computer requirements, specifications, policies and costs can be found at the CCI website

Can I get Internet and email access in my room?

You'll get cable TV and high speed Internet connections in your residence hall room on campus through ResNET, the residence hall networking and computer support program. All on-campus residence hall rooms are connected to the Carolina data network. Students who may be assigned to an Odum Village apartment can connect to the campus network via wireless connection. Granville Towers, a private residence hall off-campus also has Internet connectivity.

What kind of computer support is available on campus?

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides a 24 hour help desk to help with computer problems. There's also an on-campus repair shop for CCI laptops.

What kind of computer labs are on campus?

There are numerous computer labs on campus, some of them open 24 hours. Labs can be found in academic buildings, Davis Library, and the Undergraduate Library. Click here a list for locations.

How do I change my intended major once I have listed it on my application?

If you are a first-year student, you will have the opportunity to indicate your major when you make your Orientation reservation and during the workshop session at Orientation. If you are a transfer student, you should discuss this with your academic advisor when you communicate over the summer. You also can declare or change your major after classes start by making an appointment with an advisor for your new major to complete the Major Declaration Form.

Do I need to take a language placement test if I want to take a foreign language other than the one I studied in high school?

With few exceptions, all entering students must have taken a least two years of the same foreign language in high school. Students should take the placement test in that language, if available. Currently, the Latin, French, German and Spanish placement exams are online and may be taken via the language placement test. All students must fulfill the University’s minimum foreign language requirement.

First-year students will be required to take a University foreign language placement test prior to attending Orientation if your high school language is Spanish, French, German or Latin, even if you plan to study a new foreign language. If your high school foreign language is not one of the aforementioned ones, you should contact the appropriate language department to be evaluated for proper foreign language placement.

What is an ONYEN?

The Onyen is the "Only Name You'll Ever Need" at Carolina.  The Carolina Onyen is used for a variety of different services including: UNC email, Student Central, registration for classes, etc. You must create an Onyen at the UNC Onyen Services website before signing up for orientation .

Should my parents/family members attend Orientation?

We'd love to have them! All parents and family members are invited and strongly encouraged to attend Parent/Family Orientation which runs concurrently with New Student Orientation. Attending Parent/Family Orientation will help you learn how to support your Carolina student to be successful in college, gain insight about campus services, discover how to become involved in the Carolina family, and provide an opportunity for you to meet faculty, administrators, staff and current students. Reservations for Parent/Family Orientation should be completed at the same time students complete New Student Orientation Reservations.

Will I register for classes at Orientation?

No, you will register for classes about a week after you attend Orientation. Each Orientation date has a corresponding fall class registration time period You MUST have access to the internet during the specified class registration time period in order to register for classes.  Please see the associated Orientation dates and corresponding registration time periods listed here.

Thus, when choosing an Orientation session date, note that you must be available for two days of summer orientation (on-campus) AND have internet access for its corresponding fall registration period, which you can do from anywhere in the world with internet access. If you are unable to register for fall courses during a particular session’s assigned registration period, please select another orientation session with a fall registration period for which you will have internet access.

That being said, there is no advantage or disadvantage to attending Orientation earlier or later in the summer. Seats in various classes are reserved for first-year students for each orientation session. These seats are released during every registration period, giving all students the same opportunity for fall course registration.

How long is Orientation?

First-Year students attend a two-day program and must be on campus for Orientation from 9:00 a.m. on Day 1, until 4:30 p.m. on Day 2 for each First-Year Orientation Session.  Transfer students attend a one-day program from 8:00 a.m. until 5:20 p.m.

I'm a first-year student. Since Orientation is 2 days long, where will I stay overnight?

All first-year students are required to live in on-campus housing or in Granville Towers during their first year at UNC. Therefore, all first-year students will have the opportunity to experience on-campus living during First-Year Orientation at Cobb Residence Hall. If opting to stay on-campus, families and guests will stay in Everett Residence Hall. Each student will be assigned another first-year student as an Orientation roommate at check-in. Please note that Orientation roommate requests will only be considered at Orientation Housing check-in and are not guaranteed; requested Orientation roommates MUST check-in for Orientation housing at the same time.

What about my guests or family members? Will they stay on campus too?

On-campus housing accommodations are available for your guests or family members at an additional charge. In addition to the Family/Guest Orientation Reservation fee, there is a charge of $69 per room for overnight, on-campus housing. Please note:

1. Family members and guests must be registered for New Student & Family Orientation to reserve on-campus Orientation Guest Housing.
2. At least one person in the room must be a minimum of 18 years old.
3. The residence hall consists of traditional, corridor-style halls and shared bathroom facilities.
4. All residence hall rooms are standard residence hall rooms with two twin beds, sheets, pillows and pillow cases.
5. The following items are not provided in the rooms: blanket, internet access, television, or refrigerator.
6. Please note that each student will be assigned another first-year student as an Orientation roommate at check-in. Guests reside in a different on-campus Orientation residence hall than students but will only be assigned a roommate with a guest on their reservation.
7. Please note that overnight, on-campus housing accommodations are not available for the make-up August Orientation Session.

Parents and family members who do not wish to stay on campus can check out some of our local hotels.

I live far away and need to arrive a day before Orientation or leave a day after due to travel arrangements. Can I and my parents/family members stay on campus on those days?

To assist with travel schedules, students/guests may make reservations to arrive the evening before Orientation and/or depart the day after Orientation. Please note that all students will be matched with an Orientation student roommate to experience on-campus living during Orientation; guest orientation housing is located in a separate residence hall than students, including early-arrival/late departure accommodations.

Please note the option to arrive early/depart late are only available for the June and July Orientation sessions; these options are not available during the August Orientation Session. Please note that first-year students participating in the August 16-17 Orientation session will move directly into their on-campus and/or Granville Towers housing assignment; no Orientation housing accommodations are provided during the August session. First-Year students attending the August 16-17 Orientation Session may move into their Fall Housing Assignment beginning at 10:00 am on August 15, 2017.

If you and your guests need to arrange on-campus housing to arrive the evening before Orientation or depart the day after Orientation, this option will be available as you sign up for Orientation. Additional overnight stays for students cost $22.50 per student, for parents and guests $69 per room.