CarolinaGo App

Have access to you New Student & Family Orientation schedules at your finger tips....

 Use CarolinaGO during New Student & Family Orientation to review your schedule titles, times, and rooms.

This is a guide to downloading CarolinaGO and navigating to the 2020 New Student and Family Orientation Home page. 

1. Download the CarolinaGO App from any Android or Apple device 

2. Once downloaded, open the app and select the 'Persona' icon (orange arrow). Note that the screenshots below are the "Student" persona and "Family Members and Visitors" persona. You can see the "Orientation" button represented by the orange circle.

3. To select or change your "Persona" just click the icon and you will see the page below. Click the green circle to open the "Persona Selector". This page will allow you to select either "Student" or "Family Members and Visitors".

4. Clicking the "Orientation" button/icon will take you to the New Student & Family Program's Orientation page. There you can select whichever Orientation schedule is for you.

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